Review: Naya Women’s Maple Wedge Sandal

TL;DR version?

Buy these wedges NOW. So cute and pretty comfy. I highly recommend them, even without Prime shipping.

In Search of Goldilocks

Like most items, I searched for a Goldilocks pair of sandals for weeks online: not too tall, not too open, not too dark. I wanted a neutral sandal to dress up or dress down outfits.

I had never purchased this brand before, but the Amazon reviews looked promising. My size was on sale (yes!) and available via Prime for free two-day shipping and returns. I kept them in my cart on Amazon for several days as I continued my search off and on during any downtime I had.

Several other pairs almost made it to the checkout, but these wedge sandals really just appealed to me. I always try to look at the angle and difference between the front and back of the shoe to guess how comfortable they might be. The angle did not look too steep, and that means the shoes might be comfortable.

A screenshot of the Amazon search results screen for black booties.
Soooo many products come up in this search for “Wedge Sandal” — nearly 30,000! How do I get through them all? I sort: Amazon Prime, 4 or more stars, and by size. This helps reduce the search results.

Who Loves Prime Shipping?

This gal loves 2-Day Prime shipping. These arrived in the mail on time with Amazon’s 2-Day Prime shipping (not available on all sizes). As soon as I got them out of the box and into my hands, I was certain I would keep them but tried them on anyway.

While the strap and buckle can be a little difficult, the material is smooth and sooooo soft. The thinner part of the shoe has perforations, which are right on trend with laser cut and similar styles for the season.

Overall, I love them — so much that I also ordered them in black, even without free shipping! Now on to the review.


  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Leather and nubuck upper
  • Latex foam-padded insole
  • Cork midsole

5 is high, 1 is low.


4/5 — While these are not the most comfortable shoe, these are very comfortable for the height and width as little padding as they have.


5/5 — High quality with no wonky stitching, poor construction, or glue showing. Materials are excellent quality, especially the cork soles.


Depends — most of these are listed around $80, but I got my size for less than $35. Though $80 is a little steep for me, these are definitely high enough quality for that price. If you can catch them for less than $50, you got a great deal!


5/5 — Definitely stylish without being super trendy, these should work for several seasons.


BUY If...

• You want open toe shoes
• You like a little bit of height
• You like cork soles
• You have no problems wearing platforms


SKIP If...

• You do not wear open toe shoes
• You need flats
• You need more arch support
• You cannot walk in platforms

Buy or Skip?

My Verdict: Buy!

I love these shoes so much, I bought them in TWO colors.
Let me know what you think about these shoes in the comments.

Purchase Date: March 15, 2016

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