Review: Made by Johnny Flared Skater Skirt

TL;DR version?

Buy this skirt now. I highly recommend it!

Christmastime, Christmastime

It was coming time to find Christmas outfits, and I wanted to wear a red dress. Not just any red dress. It needed to be:

• Breastfeeding friendly
• Less than $50
• Long or 3/4 sleeve
• Not above the knee
• Post-baby-tummy friendly

And I found one on Amazon. The product photo showed a cute style that was a little different from my norm: a vintage cut Rockabilly style. Loved it! But when I got it in and on my body, the love died. Tragically. While the fabric was nice and the quality was there, the cut and length made me look 10 years older — who wants that after the age of 16?! Not I. So I went back to Amazon, and I searched.

I stumbled upon a red skater skirt. I didn’t really understand what “skater” skirt meant then, but the flared style appealed to me! After reading the reviews and deciding to go up a size from my normal L (size large), I ordered the XL size right away with my Amazon Prime account.

The fit was fine. But the fabric? Ehhhh…not so much. Not quite scratchy, the tiny waffling was just weird. But for as little as I paid, it wasn’t terrible; it just wasn’t what I had in mind. I returned it and kept looking.

Bingo! Red skirt, not too short? This one from Made by Johnny would work! The reviews on this one also said to size up, so I ordered an XL. I *almost* ordered the wrong one — there are THREE different styles in the same listing: long with a wide waistband (829), short with a wide waist band (669), and short with a narrow waist band (211). I ordered the 829, which is 22″ in length.

Outfit shown here: Dimore scarf (buy it here) • White House Black Market striped top • Made by Johnny skirt (buy it here) • Worthington heels • Black Petticoat in second photo (buy it here)



A screenshot of the Amazon search results screen for black booties.

Look at all these colors — how can I even choose? I need at least ten more of these skirts!

Who Loves Prime Shipping?

When it arrived two days later (thank you, Amazon Prime shipping!!), I immediately knew I would keep it. The fabric is a good quality for the price, and the construction is well done.

After wearing it a few times, the fabric has gotten a little pilly in one place where I brushed up against a rough surface…oops. I would not recommend falling into any tree bark or sliding down a sidewalk. Your skirt may not appreciate it. On now to the the review.

Details from listing:

  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Stretchy fabric for comfortable fit / Skater skirt with an elastic inner band / Double-stitched bottom hem
  • This versatile skater skirt is a must to make an amazing outfit
  • You can wear it in any occasion – school, office, dates, and parties
  • Please check the size chart to ensure your order <<< This one is important!


5/5 — Very comfortable! The fabric is almost squishy because of the thickness, but in a good way.


4/5 — Construction is well done. Fabric is soft, thick, and stretchy. Excellent quality.


5/5 — Anything under $20 is a good value for this skirt. $15 or less is great.


4/5 — Ah-dorable. The style is versatile and flattering in my experience.


BUY If...

• You want a flared skirt
• You like long or short options
• You like to have multiple colors
• You love them!


SKIP If...

• You want a non-polyester blend
• You don’t like the skater style silhouette
• You need LONGER than 22″
• You don’t love them

Buy or Skip?

My Verdict: Buy!

This skirt is SO versatile (it’s even in the name). #buyallthecolors
Let me know what you think about this skirt in the comments.

Purchase Date: December 22, 2015