How I Shop

It’s no secret amongst my virtual gal pals of the Outfit of the Day (OOTD) group on Facebook that I’ve found more than a handful of cute, trendy clothes on

What is is a deal site working with individual boutiques for time-limited sales on a variety of products. The shopping categories include Clothing, Accessories, Home Decor, Baby, Kids, and Miscellaneous. The sales only last for a short time, creating a strong FOMO (fear of missing out) for those who might be borderline shopaholics. I’m not saying that’s happened to me, but…yeah, it totally has. Each listing shows the percentage saved over the regular list price, duration of the sale, and the amount sold.

So is a legit site?

Absolutely. Though products come from individual boutiques, has excellent customer service in my experience. Problems with an order? Contact the boutique via their contact info (found on the boutique’s profile on and CC the customer service email at — easy peasy. The reps will make sure you get a resolution.

How do I shop

The app is easy to use on the iPhone — you can quickly favorite items, select your size, and checkout before you can say “I have to have that!” ….Okay, maybe not THAT quick. 😉 The site is also super easy to navigate, search, favorite, add items to you bag, and then checkout. The hardest part might be waiting for your items to arrive!

I must admit: the majority of my shopping is done on my off nights, browsing the app for sneak peeks and new deals.  While that doesn’t work with most people’s schedules, late-night shopping is great when baby Bearman is hungry and dream feeding…ah, the joys of motherhood. <3

What Are Sneak Peeks?

According to, the site is updated at 4 PM EST every day with new deals coming soon (“sneak peeks”). You have to wait until the wee hours before you can purchase these items and you can’t see the pricing until then, but you CAN take one little tip from me to make your 2 AM shopping a breeze. Tell us how, tell us how!

Playin’ Favorites

If you want to come back to take a look at a sneak peek item when it goes live, the BEST action to take is playing favorites. Literally. Click or touch that tiny pink heart on an item and *BAM* you’ve got a shortcut to shopping when the time comes. Browse to your Favorites when the time comes, and you’re golden. Once you’ve seen the price, read more details, and decided to buy or skip, you can either add the item to your bag or unfavorite the listing to keep the clutter down in your Favorites.

Many of the most popular and trendy pieces I watch on sell out fast…so either be prepared to wake up / stay up — or miss out. Yikes. I mean, don’t get FOMO or anything, but be ready to add that beloved piece to your cart and check out as soon as those sneak peeks go live. Though, remember, as much as we <3 cute things we see while shopping, they are just things. 🙂


I see this question come up often in the OOTD group — how does this shirt on run? What about these skinnies? Well, since each item comes from an individual boutique, sizing is going to vary.

In my experience, only one order (of three tops…eek) really didn’t match up with the listing’s notes on size. The top, a large, fit more like an XL and that just wasn’t what I wanted. I probably could have returned them, but I *may* have forgotten to do anything about those tops.

Generally, I’ve found the sizing notes from the boutique to be accurate. That being said, I’m fairly average — I don’t have broad shoulders, wide hips, athletic legs, a large chest, or a very small waist. Most clothes fit me, except for length (#shortgirlproblems), when I shop based on measurements and reviews. For reference, I’m currently about 145 pounds, 5’3″, with a 36D bra size. Most mediums / size 8s fit me currently. But enough about me. Let’s talk about those…

…Individual Shipping Fees

I’m browsing, cute shirt…cute vest…love that graphic tee. Ack!! What’s the deal with the shipping fees?! Abort! Abort! 

I get that sentiment, totally and completely. I shop on with a Prime account. That Prime Two-Day Shipping? Oh, you get me, Amazon. You do. I’ve had a Prime account for years now, and anything less than free two-day shipping makes me recoil momentarily, removing my hand from my mouse or even dropping my phone into the bed…but — deep breath — once you get past that and just mentally add a few bucks to each listing on as you are browsing ($24 shirt? Okay, so it’s $27 with shipping — not bad!), you’ll be fine. Promise.

Shipping Time

Again, I know I have been spoiled with Amazon Prime’s Two-Day Shipping speed, but who doesn’t need an exercise in patience these days? Be prepared to wait longer to receive items from your order. Take this into consideration when ordering and you won’t be let down expecting fast shipping times.

My last order for example, shipped on the 21st of the month. One package, sent out from Coco & Main, arrived just three days later on the 24th. However, the second half of my order (and only a single top) didn’t arrive until the 5th of the next month. Orders have varied for me anywhere from two days to over 14 days to arrive. Keep this in mind and you won’t be disappointed from average, non-Prime shipping speed.

Where Else Can I Buy XYZ item?

It’s true that lessons in patience are super beneficial…but sometimes I really just want that item or style sooner rather than two weeks later. So what do I do? I look over the item I’m eyeing for my virtual shopping bag, noting any special details or measurements and the description. Then I hop my mouse on over to a new tab with the site awaiting my search terms. I’ve found more than one boutique item on offered on Amazon for the same or even less with Two-Day Prime Shipping. So if you are checking out the Sneak Peeks before they go live, mosey on over to Amazon (or even your favorite Facebook boutique groups) to do a little hunting first. You might get lucky and find it with Prime Shipping & Free Returns (!!!).

Shop or Skip?

Taking into consideration decent discounts, super trendy to capsule basic items, and good customer service when you need it, shopping on Jane can be a fun, even adrenaline-inducing way to #buyallthethings. My advice? Only buy what you LOVE and don’t get too obsessed. 😉