The last couple of weeks have sucked in too many ways. My oldest brother passed away unexpectedly days before his 54th birthday. I think the shock is finally starting to pass and the reality is starting to set in. I’m incredibly sad that I didn’t call him to catch up a few weeks ago. I’m disappointed in myself for not trying harder to meet up with him over the summer. I was looking forward to going hunting, planning a fishing trip, talking more about his work and mine, being able to get together for every major holiday, and generally just enjoying only being a couple of hours away now that we are back in Texas. We have always had a good relationship, but I wish we had been closer, both personally and geographically. Don’t put off tomorrow what you should do today, especially when it comes to family and loved ones. 😞 #loss #family #love #rip #rickconn #enablemyhabit