Trying a Curling Wand for the First Time!
Curly Hair with a Hair Wand

First time trying out a curling wand** — I like it, though I might try a larger barrel next. This is how my naturally wavy-curly hair aspires to curl, but this is WAY more defined. I’ve had the same Revlon curling iron for years…I bought it maybe 8-9 years ago? It still works great, though the curling irons I have looked at recently are more advanced. This one has a digital readout for the temperature, plus an easy way to lock the temp on. This is handy because I was constantly hitting the buttons while wrapping my hair on the iron. And something I need in any heat device? Auto shut off!!

This curling wand came with a heat-resistant glove. It’s not heat proof, but it definitely helped to hold the end of the hair on the wand without directly burning my fingers.

Want to try the same one I used? Thought I bought mine at Walmart for $22, you can also find it on Amazon with Prime shipping.** This model is the Remington CI96W1D TStudio Silk Ceramic Curl Wand.**

I decided to try a smaller barrel first so I could test out smaller curls. The barrel size is tapered and is 1/2″ – 1″, perfect for making nice spiral curls. If / when I try a long, non-tapered barrel and a larger tapered barrel, I’ll be sure to post the results!

What do you think of the curls? Comment below!